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Champion Compressors are the most efficient and reliable compressed air solutions for nearly a century. Millions of people depend on these products every day to deliver a relentless supply of quality air for a wide variety of applications. Put Compressor Services on your side to find the best fit for your needs and reduce downtime and lowering operating costs. Champion offer an expansive line of compressed air packages that meet any small and medium-sized applications. The Advantage Series has been engineered to withstand years of personal and industrial use.

Undefeated Since 1919


Realize ROI sooner and maximize long-term cost savings


Champion compressors perform 100% more efficiently than standard models


Patented Designs


All units are built to last and backed by a comprehensive warranty

Advantage Series Compressors


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With over seventeen years of air compressor experience and unmatched level of expertise, Compressor Services provides air compressor knowledge, repairs and installation for almost every industry and application. Finding the right fit for you means improving air system efficiency, quality, and reducing operational costs through knowing what to purchase when it comes air compressors.Let Compressor Services consult you or your company on the best compressed air system and equipment to meet supply and achieve the highest performance that will eclipse expectations.
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Undefeated Since 1919
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