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What benefits do Air Compressors have over other power sources?

• Using Compressed Air is safer and has hardly any electrical shock risk.
• Air Compressor components are lighter and more flexible, making the tools easier to handle.
• Air Compressor power can be easily monitored and controlled.
• Air Compressor systems are more affordable and easier to maintain vs. hydraulic tools.
• No exhaust or toxic chemical risks
• No overheating or heat risks late on the product.

Is my Air Compressor safe outside?

• No, outside temperatures will effect your Air Compressor
• Make sure your Air Compressor is in an enclosure to avoid any safety or element risks.
• It is important to protect your Air Compressor Oil and Lubricants from cold weather.

What is the recommended Air Pressure?

• The recommended air pressure depends on the type of tools you are using. Usually PSI ranges are shown on the tool or manufactures packaging.
• Single use tools like staplers and nail guns require less air than continuous tools, like sprayers and grinders.

Can I install my air compressor anywhere in my location?

• Be sure to read your owners manual when installing your air compressor.
• Air Compressors, although adjustable and easy to stretch, require some simple installation guidelines like:
– Place on a level ground with mounting pads
– Place in a ventilated area.
– Have at least 2 feet of clearance around your air compressor to allow significant air flow and maintenance room.
– Your discharge line into the air system should be same size as discharge port.
– Always use manufacturer approved mounting base.

How often should I maintain my Air Compressor?

Each Air Compressor requires different maintenance schedules depending on use and environment. Recommended time for standard oil changes is typically every 90 days. For more information call us at 847-497-9750 with your product number in hand.

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